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Surrounded in Shadows

Darkness will be our final resting place

29 June
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I'm misunderstood in everyway.
I'm thought as this but really I'm that.
What's not to get about me?
I'm not an average guy.
I'm not a follower.
I'm a supposed leader.
I'm just here trying to serve my purpose in life.
Though I don't know what it is....

I love life,
I hate life,
I give life,
I take life,
But why does everything have to be about life.

Future Trunks is Love
Made by _outside_castle

Future Trunks is Love2

Majin Vegeta is insane Love
Made by _outside_castle

Yusuke is bad-ass Love
Made by _outside_castle

Demon Yusuke is kick your ass Love
Made by _outside_castle

Miroku is wind tunnel Love
Made by _outside_castle

Hiei is dangerous Love
Made by _outside_castle

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